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Does Sheerstone smell?

Sheerstone odour is very mild during application and has no odour as it hardens instantly after the UV lights have been applied. However, we do recommend that customers vacate the premises while Sheerstone is being applied and during the curing process. We also recommend that pets be removed from the premises during the Sheerstone process.

Who can apply Sheerstone?

Sheerstone can only be applied by an authorised applicator. Only a certified Sheerstone applicator can ensure you get a professional result. Applicators are trained by us to use the product and the equipment safely. Our product is for professional use only, as application requires specialised equipment and techniques.

The SHEERSTONE coating comes with a 5 year warranty when applied by our applicators. Please read the warranty specification carefully.

When can I use the natural surfaces after application?

Although Sheerstone cures instantly, and can be used straight away, it achieves maximum hardness after 3 weeks. As such, we always advise clients to be gentle with the surface for the first three weeks until it is fully cured (e.g. use coasters or protective mats) and in general to be a little more careful than you normally would during that time period.

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Distributor – Opal  LLC – Luxury Surfaces
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P: 801 652 9187
E: shawn@opalluxurysurfaces.com


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