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Why did we develop Sheerstone?

We firmly believe that coating the natural stone with a protective covering is the only way to mitigate staining and etching problems commonly associated with stone. This gives the customer a long term solution, without compromising the appearance of the stone, as well as the worry-free enjoyment of having a natural stone product.

Natural stone being a product of Mother Nature, means that each piece has its own individual characteristics and is composed of different composites with varying performances. Sheerstone gives the stone a high performance, even surface. As marble and most natural stones are opulent and bring value to a property, they need to be easily maintained while still being liveable. Sheerstone is the complete commercial solution for stone.

Why use a coating system on stone?

The standard way to protect stone is to apply ‘sealers’. However – sealers cannot prevent etching and staining for an extended period of time, or for that matter, fill the imperfections in the stone surface that harbour bacteria. If you look closely at a natural stone’s surface it is full of open fissures, cavities, cracks, and faults that look, from a distance, like dull areas on the surface, or a different coloured vein that is a softer material than the main stone. These imperfections add to the stone’s aesthetic appearance and can be the reason for choosing the stone in the first place. Sheerstone creates an ultra-sheer, protective barrier over the entire surface – like a layer of liquid glass, filling the imperfections and leaving a smooth surface that protects and enhances the beauty of natural stone. Chemicals/materials cannot come into contact with the stone – and bacteria has nowhere to grow.

What is Sheerstone?

A specially formulated ultra-sheer coating system that cures instantly via UV lights. It is 100% clear and can be applied to many types of natural stones including: marble, travertine, limestone, sandstone, granite etc. as well as concrete surfaces.

Sheerstone provides outstanding permanent stain, etching and chemical resistance. Sheerstone coated surfaces are indistinguishable from a natural stone factory finish. Sheerstone is the ‘branded’ and registered name of the tried and tested stone coating system developed and manufactured in Australia by Sheerstone Pty Ltd.

Australia - NSW

Sheerstone Application Team
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Resin 8 Coating
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Marble Seal
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Stoneseal Australia
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Contact: David Townley
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Best Marble & Tile Care
Servicing all of S.A.
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KAM Joinery
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Distributor – Opal  LLC – Luxury Surfaces
Shawn McNinch
P: 801 652 9187
E: shawn@opalluxurysurfaces.com


Distributor – Opal  LLC – Luxury Surfaces
Shawn McNinch
P: 801 652 9187
E: shawn@opalluxurysurfaces.com